Ein Yahav is a moshav located within the Central Arava Regional Authority.

Ein Yahav is the oldest and largest moshav in the Arava. Most of the members of the moshav work in agriculture growing peppers, dates, melons, tomatoes and even grapes.

Where the moshav now stands, there once stood a Roman fortress that marked a central crossroads of that era.

In 1952, tens of Gadna members came to the SHAHAL (Israeli Pioneering Service) outpost established at this site and so began the second wave of Gadna activity in the Arava. In 1959, the settlement was established as a Nachal outpost. In 1962, it was put under civilian control and made into a moshbutz (a moshav-kibbutz hybrid). It later became a cooperative moshav and today it is what’s known as a moshav ovdim.

Ein Yahav is a symbol of pioneering settlement in the Arava and has always been the flagship moshav of the central Arava. It is located exactly halfway between Beer Sheva and Eilat (130 km from each of those cities). Moshav Ein Yahav and its fields are located in the area between Nachal Nakrot and Nachal Arava.

Over the past 15 years, the moshav’s residents have developed a tourism industry, alongside their agricultural operations. Their tourism industry includes:

  • Guided agricultural tours
  • A variety of hiking trails near the moshav
  • A variety of bike trails near the moshav
  • Restaurants, including a frozen-yogurt shop, a pizzeria and a range of kosher and non-kosher dining options
  • Visitors’ centers at the Porat Apiary, Just Aloe and Yesha’s Artistic Woodcarving
  • Art galleries

There are also a number of public facilities for the benefit of groups and individuals.

  • A culture hall
  • A swimming pool (in season)
  • A covered, climate-controlled sports facility
  • A shopping center that serves all of the communities of the Arava

A Range of Tourism Services in the Arava

Today in Ein Yahav, you’ll find a range of services for tourists including restaurants, lodging and a variety of attractions. Among the communities of the Arava, Ein Yahav stands out for the many options it offers to visitors.