We know that your vacation starts the moment you start the car, so we offer you a number of recommendations for things to do on your way to Ein Yahav.


Beresheet Farm in Kfar Tarbin

We invite you to disconnect from the daily grind, stop for a moment and be inspired by nature. Come get a close-up view of the fascinating world of camels. (Have you taken a selfie with a camel yet?). Visit a Bedouin tent and enjoy herbal tea and fine traditional coffee. The visit is free.

Armon HaChoriah – Lekiah

The home of the Abu Keren family is an unusual 200-year-old building made of traditional mud, bricks and straw located in the heart of the Bedouin village of Lekiah. The historic family home serves as a visitors’ center for those interested in learning about Bedouin settlement in the Negiah area and getting a first-hand look at Bedouin society and a new perspective on nomadic and sedentary life.

Amal Abu Keren: 052-293-6401

Rakmat HaMidbar – Lekiah

The Rakmat HaMidbar visitors’ center offers Bedouin hospitality to groups from Israel and from abroad in an on-site, hand-made Bedouin tent. Visits are booked in advance, so that they can be tailored to the interests of the group. Visits can include light refreshments, a home-style meal, an introduction to the non-profit organization and its activities given by one of our members, and background information about Bedouin life, with an emphasis on women and children.

To book your visit, call 08-651-3208

Bat HaMidbar – Tel Sheva

The Bat HaMidbar visitors’ center in Tel Sheva welcomes you. Here, you can try natural cosmetics and health products based on a 400-year-old Bedouin family tradition. In the traditional tent, over a steaming cup of tea, you’ll enjoy fascinating presentations including the impressive story of Mariam, the spirit behind Bat HaMidbar and a proud daughter of the Abu-Rakaek Bedouin family.

To book your visit, contact Mariam: 050-444-5232

Abraham’s Well Visitors’ Center

On the banks of Nahal Beer Sheva, at the gates of the Old City, discover an innovative heritage center dedicating to presenting the life story of Abraham and learn about biblical Beer Sheva. Learn about Abraham, famous for his hospitality and his pursuit of peace and as the father of the three monotheistic religions. The visitors’ center employs advanced technology to provide a very special learning experience. An impressive audio-visual presentation and 3-D movie allow visitors a very special experience. To book your visit, call 08-623-4613.

ODT Team-Building Center

We offer a range of new team-building activities for children in nature. We can help you plan a team-building day that will be fun and interesting for everyone, for your immediate family, your extended family or a group of families. Everyone will enjoy a day full of team-building activities tailored to your interests and the ages of the people in your party, all in a pleasant, supportive, fun atmosphere.

To book your visit, call Mayan: 054-795-9237

Har Avnon Overlook

Take the branch of Route 225 that heads toward the crater from Yerucham. Exit Yerucham, travel about 3 minutes and an electric sign for Har Avnon will direct you to turn left. You will turn onto a good dirt road and travel uphill to the parking lot. From the parking lot, walk for a minute or two to the edge of the crater. This is a great spot at which to end or begin your exploration of the crater.

The Colored Sands

The most famous spot in the area, with a parking lot alongside the highway, picnic tables and unique charm. The draw here is the opportunity to fill bottles with the colored sand and make other classic souvenirs.

The Little Fin

The trail is short (1.5 km) and not difficult, but with a bit of a challenge (a descent involving pegs in the rocks), a surprising view of the crater and colored sand. This is a great trail for those who want a taste of the canyon that doesn’t involve anything strenuous.

For a local tour guide who can enhance your experience, call Avi Ben Zaken: 050-857-1976

This scenic, winding route offers a great view of Nahal Zin and the option to visit memorials. Travel south on Route 40. After passing Beer Sheva, you’ll reach the Negev Junction, where you’ll turn left onto Route 224. You will then pass by Yerucham on your right and get onto Route 225. At the end of Route 225, turn left and get onto Route 206 North and then make an immediate right onto Route 227 East. After about 10 km, you’ll reach Pisgat Maale Akravim.

You can also reach Route 206 via Route 25 if you turn south at the Rotem Junction.

Wadi Atir Visitors’ Center

The Wadi Atir Project is a pioneering initiative of the Bedouin community in the Negev desert. The Project is based on a holistic approach to sustainable Bedouin desert agriculture that combines traditional Bedouin values, knowledge and experience with modern science and innovative technology.

To book your visit: 08-917-0040

Nahal Partzim

A 2-km hike at Har Sdom. The trail is part of Nahal Partzim and is suitable for families looking for an easy, pleasant hike.

Important note: The famous flour caves of Nahal Partzim, located further down the road, are currently closed and entry is strictly prohibited due to the risk of cave-ins.