Trail length

1 km

Level of Difficulty


Derech HaShalom

Derech HaShalom was once the patrol line along the Israeli-Jordanian border. Today, it’s a major artery for Arava agriculture. On this journey, you’ll enjoy the natural landscape of the Arava at the Shizaf Nature Reserve and the hills of the Lisan Formation. You will also get a nice view of the impressive local agricultural plots.

The Trail

After the turn-off, you will travel over unique, white hills known as the Lisan Formation. About 3 km after the turn-off, turn left at the sign for Derech HaChawarim. Drive along the dirt road and you’ll see the Chetzbah Reservoir, which collects floodwaters from Nachal Arava. Then, return to Derech HaShalom. Turn left and drive about 6 km until you see a hut (Mitzpeh Shalom). Stop by the hut to see the view and explore the hills and the channels between them. Then, continue driving south on Derech HaShalom and make a left toward Ein Yahav. Drive on between the palm groves and, at the end of the groves, turn right and continue along with the Israeli-Jordanian border to the east and the Shizaf Nature Reserve to the west. When you come to the agricultural fields of Moshav Ein Yahav, make a left at the sign for Jabal Chufeira. Cross Nachal Arava and travel uphill to Jabal Chufeira, where you will have a spectacular view of the entire area. From that point, you can drive through Moshav Ein Yahav to get back to the Arava Highway.

Getting There

From the Chetzbah Field School, travel north. After 4 km, turn right toward Moshav Eidan. Before the entrance to the moshav, turn right at the sign for Derech HaShalom. From Moshav Eiin Yahav, follow the signs and the dirt road through the fields.


We recommend that you stop and check out the spectacular view from Jabal Chufeira. The road is well-marked. Travel only on the marked road. Get out of your car only at the designated sites, in order to avoid any obstacles that may appear following winter floods.