10 Reasons to Visit Ein Yahav

  1. Because Ein Yahav is the heart of the Arava! Ein Yahav is a large, established moshav with a broad and well-developed tourism sector.
  2. Here, quiet is a way of life and time takes on another dimension.
  3. Here, you’ll enjoy amazing desert views that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.
  4. Because we have a story to tell you! We have put together a variety of different attractions that tell our story.
  5. Because, here, children have lots of space in which to play independently and safely.
  6. Because Ein Yahav is one of the most convenient points from which to set off for a spectacular adventure in the Arava.
  7. Because our well-maintained swimming pool is opened the longest: from Passover through Sukkot.
  8. Because Ein Yahav is the only moshav in the Arava that can offer you everything you’re looking for on your vacation: a variety of lodging options, unique attractions, restaurants, a large supermarket and a synagogue.
  9. Because we love to host! In keeping with Ein Yahav tradition, hospitality comes naturally.
  10. Because there’s no place like it!