Hiking Time

3.5 hours



Har Masor

This somewhat challenging, circular route involves climbing a mountain, walking on a cliff and hiking through an impressive canyon.

The Trail

Follow the green trail along the creek bed. Then, turn left and begin walking up the mountain. Part of this ascent involves walking along a narrow cliff edge. This hike is not recommended for those with a fear of heights. You will enjoy a special view of the Arava and then follow the red trail back down to the creek bed. Follow the red trail across the creek bed and into a beautiful, narrow canyon that you will follow back to the parking lot.

Getting There

Leave the Field School heading toward the Arava Highway. From the Arava Highway, turn left and then make an immediate right (at the bus stop) onto a dirt road (with a green sign). This dirt road can be travelled by any vehicle. Drive along the dirt road for 56 km (45 to 55 min) until you reach the trail head. The first section of the trail is marked in green. Walk slowly.


This hike can only be done on Saturdays and holidays.

You must coordinate your hike with the Southern Command: 08-990-2927 / 08-990-2926.