Peimot Midbar


Fun for the whole family!

We invite you to join us in Ein Yahav, to hike special trails, enjoy breathtaking views, discover hidden gems and connect with the local treasures: our nature and our people.

Come feel the desert.

We offer several different tours on our comfortable, quiet and environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

Sunrise Tour: Set out before dawn to watch the desert wake up and enjoy morning tea in the field

Midday Tour: Connect with the community, the agriculture and the desert

Sunset Tour: Set out in the late afternoon to experience the desert sunset and nightfall

Night Tour: A desert night safari on which you can enjoy our phenomenal starry sky

On all tours, you’ll drive the special off-road vehicles yourself, with friendly guidance. These vehicles are all specially adapted and outfitted. Each vehicle comes with a picnic mat, a kit for making coffee and tea, dates, cookies and water.

Peimot Hamidbar for a quiet, enjoyable experience like you’ve never had before


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עין יהב מחוז הדרום IL
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Sun. – Sat.: 06:00 to 20:00