Hiking Time

3.5 hours

Level of Difficulty


Nachal Barak

This challenging hike includes climbing over ladders and using handholds in the rocks as you hike through a narrow, shady creek bed. At the end of the hike, there is a scenic view from Ramat Barak.

The Trail

In the canyon, you’ll climb using handholds in the rock and ladders. You will then exit the creek bed and follow the blue trail along the bank until you come to the green trail. Follow the green trail back down into the creek bed and then follow the jeep trail back to the parking lot. The trail through the canyon is particularly impressive, with lots of the rock climbing above the creek bed. This trail is not recommended for those with a fear of heights.

Getting There

From the Chetzbah Field School, travel south. After Moshav Tzokim (Kilometer 115 of the Arava Highway), turn right at the sign for Nachal Barak and continue another 56 km until you reach a dirt road. Park in the parking lot. From the parking lot, walk along the jeep trail marked in blue to the narrow canyon.


This hike can be combined with a visit to the nearby Nachal Vardit, which is similar to Nachal Barak, but that requires an off-road vehicle.

The portion of the hike that includes the ladders will go slowly and large groups will need to allow themselves a lot of time to cover that section of the trail.

Most of the dirt road can be travelled by any vehicle, but the last section (approx. 6 km) requires a strong 4-wheel drive vehicle with high clearance.