נחל תמר

Trail length

1.5 km

Level of Difficulty


Nachal Tamar

This short, challenging trail is located near the Arava Junction. The trail will take you about an hour to hike. It is not a loop, so you will need to have a vehicle pick you up from the end point.

The Trail

From the right of the memorial site, follow the green trail downhill. After a short while, you’ll come to a narrow canyon. Climb down into the canyon using the stone steps, two ladders and a ramp with steps carved into it and a rope to hold onto. This trail is particularly impressive and will give you a chance to see how water has carved deep canyons through the hard rock.

Getting There

To get to the starting point:

From the Chetzbah Field School, drive north. At the Arava Junction, turn left toward Dimona (Route 65). Follow Route 65 to the memorial and lookout point (Kilometer 557 of Route 65). Park there. This is a journey of about 65 minutes. If you are coming from the south, do not cross the white line to get to the memorial. Instead, drive another kilometer until you come to a spot where you can make a legal turn.

To get to the end point:

About 65 m south of the Arava Junction gas station, turn left onto a dirt road (at the sign for Nachal Tamar). Follow that dirt road to the drilling station.


This hike is not recommended for those afraid of heights.

It is slow going over the ladders and so large groups will need to allocate more time for that.

On hot days, we recommend doing this hike in the morning or in the afternoon when the canyon is shady.