Nachal Tzafit and Nachal Tamar

הסנפיר הקטן

Hiking Time

4 hours

Level of Difficulty


Nachal Tzafit and Nachal Tamar

This challenging hike includes the impressive canyons of Nachal Tzafit and Nachal Tamar, as well as striking view of the Arava, the Edom Mountains and the Dead Sea. This hike will take at least 3 to 4 hours, but may take longer depending on the size and speed of your group.

The Trail

Head uphill along the black trail through Nachal Tzafit. This section includes ladders (up to 6 m). When you get to the end of the deep gorge of Nachal Tzafit, turn right onto the blue trail. [Gorge bypass: The blue trail turns back (eastward) and continues on to the starting point from above.] After walking 5.5 km, turn right (downhill) onto the green trail. This is a steep descent toward Nachal Tamar that involves ladders and ropes (up to 58 m). This hike is not recommended for those who have a fear of heights.

Getting There

To get to the starting point:

About a minute south of the Arava Junction, after the sharp bend in the road, turn right at the sign that says “Tamar Wells 8 + 55,5”. Travel along the dirt road for 555 m and park.

To get to the end point:

About 65 m south of the Arava Junction gas station, turn left onto the dirt road (by the sign for Nachal Tamar). Follow the dirt road to the drilling station.


It is slow going over the ladders and, therefore, large groups will need more time.