Hiking Time

4 hours

Level of Difficulty


Nachal Tzafit

Visit an archeological site where artifacts from eight different historical eras have been found, from the time of the kings of Israel to the British Mandate.

The Trail

The Trail

From the parking lot, follow the black trail. After a relatively easy walk along the broad creek bed, you’ll reach a 5-m drop that you’ll traverse using a ladder. This hike is not recommended for those who have a fear of heights. Continue another 5.5 km until you come to a canyon that you will descend using the handholds in the rock (6 m down). This will bring you to the parking area.

This trail offers several views of the wide desert creek bed and you can see a variety of desert plants, rock surfaces and local wildlife. There is also a very nice view of a narrow canyon that the water has carved through the hard rock.

Getting There

To get to the starting point:

From the Chetzbah Field School, drive north to the Arava Junction. At the Arava Junction, turn left toward Dimona (Route 65). At Kilometer 555 of the highway, turn left onto a dirt road (toward the Small Crater). Follow the dirt road around the very sharp bend and park by the brown sign for Nachal Tzafit.

To get to the end point:

From the Arava Junction, travel south for about one minute. After the sharp bend in the road, turn right at the sign that says “Tamar Wells 8 + 55,5”. Follow that dirt road for another 555 m and then park.


On hot days, we recommend hiking only in the lower canyon in the morning and in the afternoon, when the canyon is in the shade.

It is slow going over the ladders and, therefore, large groups will need more time.