Shizaf Nature Preserve

Trail length

1 km

Level of Difficulty


Shizaf Nature Preserve

This short hike (1 to 1.5 hours) begins with a walk through Nachal Shizaf and ends at a lookout point over the Arava. This nature preserve is located between Moshav Eidan and Moshav Yahav and was dedicated with the goal of preserving the landscape of the Arava and the ecological systems that existed in this area before it was settled. In this nature reserve, you can find a wide range of desert plants typical of the area, animals and unparalleled open spaces.

You can explore the nature preserve on foot or in a vehicle. Stick strictly to the designated trails.

The Trail

We recommend visiting the nature preserve in the morning when the animals are active and the view from the lookout point is best. Researchers at the nature preserve have been studying the bird known as the Palestine babbler for the past four decades. In order to more easily study the birds, researchers have accustomed them to the presence of humans. For this reason, the babblers in the nature preserve are not afraid of hikers. During your visit, you will probably be approached by groups of babblers. Please do not feed them.

Getting There

As you exit the Chetzbah Field School, turn left toward Moshav Chetzbah. Before the entrance to the moshav, turn right at the sign for Nachal Shizaf. Continue on until you come to a T junction. Turn right at that intersection. Continue another 1.5 km to the next intersection, where you will make a right by a garbage dump. Follow the road as it turns right and enters the nature preserve. Once you have entered the nature preserve, continue straight ahead until the lookout point by the large, closed reservoir. Park there. After enjoying the view from that lookout point, return to your vehicle. Turn right at the red sign. (There is a sign for Ein Yahav.) Drive over the rough road for about 15 minutes until you come to Nachal Shizaf. Stop at the blue sign next to the Mekorot drilling station. You can then explore the area on both sides of the drilling station on foot.