The Small Fin of the Big Crater

הסנפיר הקטן

Hiking Time

3-6 hours

Level of Difficulty


The Small Fin of the Big Crater

This circular trail offers a bit of a challenge. It begins at the colored sands and offers a view of the big crater. This hike will take you 3 to 6 hours depending on the size and speed of your group.

The Trail

From the parking lot, head east along the blue trail through the creek bed. Turn right and head uphill. Cross the highway and begin to climb out of the creek bed along the green trail until you reach the lookout point. (At the lookout point, you will see markers for the red trail. Do not follow those markers.) At the lookout point, turn right (west) and begin your climb down along the black trail. Use the handholds attached to the rocks. Follow the black trail back to the parking lot.

There are seven craters in the world and five of them are in Israel. The other two are in the Sinai Desert. The Big Crater is the oldest of these craters, but not the biggest.

Getting There

From the Chetzbah Field School, travel north. At the Arava Junction, turn left toward Dimona (Route 65). At the Rotem Junction (after the Nuclear Research Center), turn left. Continue on for 56 km and then turn right into the crater and park in the Colored Sands parking lot.


After this hike, we recommend that you visit Ein Yirkaam.