Hiking Time

9 hours

Level of Difficulty


Yemin Chatira

This 9-km hike begins and ends at pools of water. During the dry seasons, those pools may be dry. This hike is for expert hikers with at least two vehicles.

The Trail

From the parking area, follow the green trail. Along the way, we recommend stopping at Ein Yirkaam. Following this trail, you will bypass a waterfall using a 5-m-high ladder (Maaleh Palmach), which will bring you to a pleasant walk along the creek bed. About 2 km after Maaleh Palmach, you will reach the intersection of the blue and green trails. Follow the green trail left and out of the creek bed. After you’ve gone another 555 m, you’ll come to a challenging climb at Maaleh Yemin. At the top, you’ll see large cracks in the rock and enjoy a beautiful view. Continue along the green trail over the sand dunes and Yemin Pools and back to the parking area.

Getting There

To get to the starting point:

From the Chetzbah Field School, head north. At the Arava Junction, turn left toward Dimona (Route 65). At the Rotem Junction (after the Nuclear Research Center), turn left. Drive another 53 km and then turn left at the sign for Ein Yirkaam and Maaleh Akravim. Park there.

To get to the end point:

From the Ein Yirkaam parking lot, drive north. Turn right toward Maaleh Akravim. Park in the Mishor Yemin overnight parking lot.


Before setting out for your hike, make sure that you have enough water (at least 3 liters per person), a hat and comfortable shoes.

Be sure to check the weather. Do not attempt this hike on hot days.